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Casio 1UF103450 Battery

12 Months Warranty

30 Days Money Back
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Make your barcode scanner even more effective by replacing the original battery or adding a spare Casio 1UF103450 barcode scanner battery from Batteries4Scanners.com. Our high quality scanner batteries are engineered to perfectly complement the fit and finish of your Casio scanner as well as offer full compatibility.

Our Casio 1UF103450 battery is similar to the original and meets stringent quality standards. This battery is manufactured with high quality "A" grade cells and components in a state-of-the-art certified manufacturing facility. Our dependable quality scanner batteries offer longer runtimes and lifetimes with unsurpassed US-based support and an industry leading 1-year warranty to make your Casio scanner run better than new!

Our Casio 1UF103450 replacement batteries contain the following features:

  • Our batteries use the highest quality graded and sorted cells.
  • Our batteries provide excellent discharge characteristics.
  • Our batteries utilize high impact ABS and Polycarbonate plastic polymers for extra ruggedness.
  • Our batteries are guaranteed to maintain 80% of their rated capacity for 12 months from the date of shipment. 
  • Our batteries have undergone comprehensive testing during the manufacturing process. Our testing process includes - high altitude performance, vibration, mechanical shock, thermal cycling, and external short circuit and overcharge test simulations.
Our P/N VoltageCapacityChemistryCellsBelt Clip
SY81L2-D 3.7 Volt1900 mAHLi-IonJapanNO
Casio DT-X5Casio DT-X5M10ECasio DT-X5M10R
Casio DT-X5M30ECasio DT-X5M30RCasio DT-X5M30U
Casio iPad 100-10RFCasio iPad 100-14RFCasio iPad 142-RF
Casio IT-70Casio IT-700Casio M30
Casio M30ECasio PDT 8100 STRONGARMCasio PDT 8137 STRONGARM
Casio PDT 8142 STRONGARMCasio PDT 8146 STRONGARMCasio SDR8100
Fujitsu AMILO D5023BATFujitsu Chameleon FL3500Fujitsu Chameleon PB1900
Fujitsu Chameleon PB2100Fujitsu iPad 100Fujitsu iPad 100-10
Fujitsu iPad 100-10RFFujitsu iPad 100-14Fujitsu iPad 100-14RF
Fujitsu iPAD 142Fujitsu iPad 142-01Fujitsu iPad 142-RF
Fujitsu iPAD 142-RFIFujitsu PDT 8100 STRONGARMFujitsu PDT 8137 STRONGARM
Fujitsu PDT 8142 STRONGARMFujitsu PDT 8146 STRONGARMFujitsu SDR8100
Motorola Chameleon FL3500Motorola Chameleon PB1900Motorola Chameleon PB2100
Motorola CHAMELEON RF FL3500Motorola CHAMELEON RF PB1900Motorola CHAMELEON RF PB2100
Motorola iPad 100-10RFMotorola iPad 100-14RFMotorola iPad 142-RF
Motorola PB2100 (Slim)Motorola PDT 2800Motorola PDT 8100
Motorola PDT 8100 STRONGARMMotorola PDT 8133Motorola PDT 8134
Motorola PDT 8137Motorola PDT 8137 STRONGARMMotorola PDT 8140
Motorola PDT 8142Motorola PDT 8142 STRONGARMMotorola PDT 8146
Motorola PDT 8146 STRONGARMMotorola PPT 2700 2DMotorola PPT 2700
Motorola PPT 2700 PlusMotorola PPT 2733Motorola PPT 2734
Motorola PPT 2740Motorola PPT 2742Motorola PPT 2746
Motorola PPT 2800Motorola PPT 2833Motorola PPT 2834
Motorola PPT 2837Motorola PPT 2840Motorola PPT 2842
Motorola PPT 2846Motorola PPT 8100Motorola PPT 8800
Motorola PPT 8846Motorola PPT 8860Motorola PPT 8866
Motorola SDR8100Motorola SPT 1700Motorola SPT 1733
Motorola SPT 1734Motorola SPT 1740Motorola SPT 1742
Motorola SPT 1746Motorola SPT 1800Motorola SPT 1833
Motorola SPT 1834Motorola SPT 1837Motorola SPT 1840
Motorola SPT 1842Motorola SPT 1846Motorola SPT 2700
Sokkia SDR8100Symbol Chameleon FL3500Symbol CHAMELEON RF FL3500
Symbol CHAMELEON RF PB1900Symbol CHAMELEON RF PB2100Symbol iPad 100-10RF
Symbol iPad 100-14RFSymbol iPad 142-RFSymbol PB1900
Symbol PB2100 (Slim)Symbol PB2100Symbol PDT 200
Symbol PDT 8142 STRONGARMSymbol PDT 8146 STRONGARMSymbol PDT 81C6
Symbol PDT-2800Symbol PDT-8100Symbol PDT-8133
Symbol PDT-8134Symbol PDT-8137Symbol PDT-8140
Symbol PDT-8142Symbol PDT-8146Symbol PPT 2700 Plus
Symbol PPT-2700Symbol PPT-2700-2DSymbol PPT-2733
Symbol PPT-2734Symbol PPT-2740Symbol PPT-2742
Symbol PPT-2746Symbol PPT-2800Symbol PPT-2833
Symbol PPT-2834Symbol PPT-2837Symbol PPT-2840
Symbol PPT-2842Symbol PPT-2846Symbol PPT28C6
Symbol PPT-8100Symbol PPT-8800Symbol PPT-8846
Symbol PPT-8860Symbol PPT-8866Symbol PT1700
Symbol SDR8100Symbol SPT1700Symbol SPT1733
Symbol SPT1734Symbol SPT1740Symbol SPT1742
Symbol SPT1746Symbol SPT1800Symbol SPT1833
Symbol SPT1834Symbol SPT1837Symbol SPT1840
Symbol SPT1842Symbol SPT1846Symbol SPT2700
Unitech iPad 100-10RFUnitech iPad 100-14RFUnitech iPad 142-RF
Unitech PA950Unitech PA966Unitech PA970
Unitech PDT 8100 STRONGARMUnitech PDT 8137 STRONGARMUnitech PDT 8142 STRONGARM
Unitech PDT 8146 STRONGARMUnitech SDR8100

Why buy from Batteries4Scanners.com?

We realize that you have a lot of choice in deciding where to purchase your barcode scanner or printer batteries. Here are some of the reasons we stand out from the rest:

  • Immediate shipping if your order is placed before 2:00 PM EST. 
  • We stock thousands of barcode scanner or printer batteries in our own Tennessee, USA warehouse for super fast fulfillment to you. 
  • We are battery and charger specialists and have been engaged continuously in selling batteries and chargers since February 2004 with thousands of satisfied customers.
  • We value our customer relationships tremendously which shows in the quality of our US based customer service representatives. 
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We stand behind our products because we know we have the best for you. 
  • Quality driven, we make sure all products we provide are manufactured under strict quality standards by state- of-the-art manufacturing plants. All of our batteries use the highest quality "A" grade cells and components.
  • 1-Year free replacement warranty for any form of manufacturing defect. 
  • Safety and Privacy are guaranteed. We will NEVER sell or rent your information. Our Secure Server with SSL Encryption Security assures you a worry free purchase.
  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates us A+.

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